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The impact your gift has right here in Southeast Fairfax County


“Our family went through an extremely trying time. Thankfully, [the] LCAC was there to help us.” – Christine, Military Wife and Mother of 6

“Because of the kindness and generosity of the LCAC so many military families have been lcac-client and son-march2014 (1)helped and have not had to give up things like bread, vegetables, and proteins. Without their [LCAC] assistance and kindness many families would not be able to make ends meet.”

LCAC’s Food & Nutrition Program continues to garner the largest number of requests, up 22% from 2013 to 2015. This past year, LCAC distributed 67,505 bags of food, an increase of 33% more food given than in 2013.

What does all this mean to families LCAC serves?

In Christine’s words, “because of the kindness of the volunteers we never feel like we are “taking.” Never have I been made to feel like less of a person because we receive assistance. My children are always loved and hugged and spoiled each time we see you on Friday.”

LCAC has been feeding families in our community for 40 years!

A few things about those we serve:

  • 28% of the families served have senior or disabled household members
  • 6% are junior enlisted military members and their families
  • Almost 80% of the families served have 4 members or less, and makes less than $32,750 per year (200% of the poverty level)
  • More than 84% of the families served have children under the age of 18
  • 1 out of every 2 families served have an unemployed adult in the household