Client Stories

“Working Together”

Peter was a former client who reached out to us for help when he began battling with chronic health issues and was unable to make ends meet. In September 2019, after securing a roommate and receiving some financial assistance, Peter’s life appeared stable.

Late fall, Peter was evicted from his apartment when his roommate abruptly moved out. For months he stayed with numerous friends and family, but eventually found himself sleeping in his car. He knew, however, that this wasn’t livable and he needed help.

Last month, Peter connected with New Hope Church who put him in a motel temporarily. A conversation with Linda and Ryan at LCAC led to a connection for Peter with New Hope Housing’s homeless outreach staff. Peter is in safe housing, receiving medical and long-term housing support. Together, LCAC, New Hope Church and New Hope Housing are helping Peter start again.

LCAC is always working with our community partners to address every household’s unique circumstances and create sustainable solutions for our neighbors. Thank you to our community partners, our friends, and neighbors for working with us and helping to change lives in the community.
“A Single Mother’s Story”

Callie, a single Mom in our community, shares the impact LCAC has had on her family: “My 1st son was diagnosed with cancer at 19 months old. A social worker at the hospital helped us register with LCAC, as a resource for some extra help.”

Callie shares, “Over time and to this day, they have been such a blessing to our family. Whether it be extra food to get through the week, backpacks for school (complete with supplies), a BIG help at Christmas, etc., they have helped so very much. My children have gotten to enjoy cooking classes, arts and crafts, and other various activities as well! We have had lots of good times in between and didn’t always need help, but they have always been there for us when we have need them!”

Many of our neighbors have stories like Callie’s. She was able to keep working during the early months of the pandemic, but she would eventually be informed that her retail job, which she had worked for several years, was being eliminated. The dismal heat meant that she had a larger than normal Dominion bill and now she needed rental assistance as well. “Most recently, during such uncertain times for all, they [LCAC] was able to provide financial help to assist with our rent. Thank you LCAC for always being a reliable resource for my family as well as our community!”

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