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Lorton Community Center FAQ Update

Did you know that LCAC currently leases the county facility that is our client services/administrative location? The LCAC (or Murphy house) is not ADA compliant, floods routinely and is generally falling down around us.

The Lorton Community Center would become a new home for LCAC, the Lorton Senior Center (currently in commercial space leased by Fairfax County Government), and all the age-level programming (fitness, meals and educational opportunities for residents throughout our area) run by Neighborhood & Community Services.

The Lorton Community Center has been slated for the Lorton Library site since the 1985 Park Master plan. LCAC moved to our current site back in September, 1984. The intent was to temporarily reside in the house until the Lorton Community Center was constructed to include the Library and the Senior Center. The timeline related to this project can be found here.

LCAC’s currently serves 33-50% of our clients (which translates into 300-500 people each week through all our programs) in a ¼ mile radius (the number fluctuates throughout the year) of our current location. The location of the facility will have an impact on those served by LCAC.

Interested in learning more about the facts of the new Lorton Community Center? Click here to read more about the frequently asked questions about the project on the Fairfax County Government site. The FAQs provide accurate information about the planning timeline of the project, the location of the new community center, the size of the center and more.

Project questions and comments from the public may be directed via e-mail to the Lorton Community Center project manager, Ipek Aktuglu.